Dear Community.


After much thought, the Beat BC 5K committee has decided to discontinue the running of the Beat BC 5K in October.  Our family cannot thank you enough for the support which you have shown us throughout our ten years of the Beat BC 5K.  We are truly fortunate to live in a community that not only showed generosity with money or merchandise, but also with your time in participating in the race.  You have helped to raise almost $80,000 over the last ten years.  Truly this has been a blessing not only to our family, but also to all of the cancer patients benefiting from Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.  As we move away from this event, we want to encourage you to continue your support of Cancer Services.  Why not honor or remember the loved one you were lifting up on race day by taking the $15 race registration fee and donating it during the month of October?  Or maybe you have a creative way to get people out and about for a good cause.  


As Dr. Seuss once said, ďDonít cry because itís over. Smile because it happened.Ē  We have spent the last ten years smiling with you as you fought your battles and won or as you remembered the happy moments with those lost.  Continue to be the community that rallies behind one another and supports each other.  This is what makes our community so special!


We canít say thank you enough for everything you have done for this event over the last ten years.  


God bless,

Beat BC 5K Committee